Contact us and we will come out to your house to give you a free consultation.  We will evaluate the project, take necessary measurements, and create a unique proposal designed specificaly for your job. Whether it be interior or exterior, we have the expertice to get the job done. Here are some things to expect when getting your house painted:
We understand that we are not walking onto a construction site, but we are walking into your home. We appreciate you letting us come into your home to work and in return will treat you with the utmost respect. We show up on time and in uniform every time.  Our project manager is on every job from start to finish to ensure you have an enjoyable comfortable experiance.
If you choose to be home during the painting process, we can coordinate with you where we start to accomodate your living needs such as cooking and eating. General work procedures will be outlined in the proposal and any repairs will be listed. Basic prep includes inspecting the surfaces for imperfections and caulking or puttying as needed. Protecting your home's features and covering flooring is another important step in the prep. We will never bring any paint into your home until the carpet is covered and we are absolutely ready to start painting.
To help us out you can do things such as removing pictures off the walls and clearing off shelves. We can move all heavy furnature and remove things like blinds and switchplate covers. Any concerns you have will be taken seriously so don't hesitate to ask.
Whether you are buying a basic paint job or a full weather proofing system, we will take all necessary measures to ensure the longest life out of your investment.  With our harsh Utah climate, the right product and the right application are key, and we will asist you in making the right choice for your home.
Usual prep includes power washing and this will be done a couple days prior to painting.  Next we will scrape all loose paint. Then we will caulk or putty to fix imperfections. Along with masking everything that won't get painted, we cover up plants and bushes so they don't get oversprayed. We will alse cover nearby cars, boats, or trailers. We practice safety at all costs and our painters are certified to use major equipment such as boom and scissor lifts.
Stucco cracks.  Ask about our 30-year warranty against cracking.  We install a coating that treats cracks and prevents cracks, GUARANTEED!
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